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OCD Siblings – Lost in the Shuffle… Or Self-Appointed Guardian Angels?

My intent with this particular post is to focus on what I surmise might be the effects on a family’s other siblings, from all the chaos created by this disorder (NOT the children afflicted with it), and how, so often … Continue reading

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- Two Experiences – Just My Perspective

If we could evaluate CBT based on our journey, it would include two completely opposite experiences.  Keeping in mind that our daughter’s medications were being followed closely by her psychiatrist in both cases, she was referred twice for CBT.  Looking … Continue reading

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“I Need Some Help Here!?” – IN THE BEGINNING…

It’s true that our baby wasn’t formally diagnosed with OCD till she was three years old, but the events that led up to our getting her, and us, some help were nothing short of heartbreaking.  As we looked back, the … Continue reading

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OCD and Triggers (a foul word)—Avoid them, or Prepare for Them

Some of the most reliable triggers in our house for causing havoc, and from what many other moms have discussed with me being the most common “monsters” in their homes too, include holidays and birthdays.  These became feared “beasts” in … Continue reading

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Energy “Use” in the OCD Brain-Very Interesting

I found this to be a real eye-opener for a disorder that seems to be otherwise intangible. I found this on one of the bazillions of informational  and treatment sites for OCD.  I’ve added a link to it below as … Continue reading

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Spoiled Baby or “Budding” Rituals?

As I mentioned, we’d already had a son with all of what we’d considered to be the “usual” high-energy”, “creative”,  “do it myself”, squeal in a restaurant, and won’t go to bed stuff and felt like he was turning out … Continue reading

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Baby OCD Rituals?

Toddlers with OCD haven’t learned about “germs” yet. Soooo… they don’t know the “right” way to have OCD (the hand-washing symptom that most people expect), but they know stuff around them just isn’t right and the people around them don’t … Continue reading

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HAS to be Best

What a heavy burden to carry, to always HAVE to produce the most beautiful  or appealing craft, art, or piece of work. From the very beginning, for as long as I can remember with our daughter, every time any of … Continue reading

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Kids With OCD and Letting Go…

For all these years, I’ve felt responsible for “remembering” events accurately, and feeling like I was “telling on” our little girl to her various doctors in order to learn how to help her, or teach her how to maneuver her … Continue reading

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Connecting With Your Doctors

There have been fewer things along our “journey” as critical as having a good relationship with our daughter’s psychiatrist.  Having her feel completely comfortable, knowing she can walk into his office and update him on exactly how she’s feeling, medication-wise, … Continue reading

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